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Mortise Lock Handle Lock for Door

ZONZEN Handle lock Series

ZONZEN’s Handle Lock Series features the MS304 Mortise Lock Handle, made of zinc alloy and carbon steel. It undergoes 24-hour spray and salt spray tests for durability. Also available are the MS308 (zinc alloy) and MS314 (environmental protection zinc alloy) handle locks. Trust ZONZEN for reliable and lasting door security solutions.


We offer a variety of locks, including switch cabinet locks, instrument box locks, communication equipment locks, and file cabinet locks.

Zinc Alloy Handle Lock

MS310 is suitable for all kinds of cabinets and boxes, such as safe box, distribution box and industrial cabinet.

Stainless Steel Lock

MS327 is suitable for door, especially for bullet train toilet door.

Swing Door Lever Handle Lock

MS302 is a door handle lock. The main material is zinc alloy and carbon steel.


Our Partnership

Zonzen has developed enduring collaborations with esteemed industry suppliers, forging strong relationships with distinguished entities such as China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), ZTE GroupHisense, and WANKONG Controls..

Efficiency and Quality

Through the utilization of advanced technology and state-of-the-art facilities like automated die-casting workshops and CNC lathes, Zonzen is dedicated to delivering products of exceptional quality. We uphold our commitment to efficiency and quality by subjecting our lock solutions to comprehensive testing, including Salt Spray, Endurance, Fire, Destructive, and Gravity tests. This ensures that our innovative, reliable locks empower your success.


Zonzen is at the forefront of shaping a sustainable future. We are deeply committed to environmental leadership by utilizing eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient equipment, optimized processes, efficient waste management, water conservation practices, carbon control measures, and sustainable partnerships. By championing these initiatives, we actively contribute to the creation of a better world through environmentally-friendly industrial lock production.

We Know Your Needs

Zonzen lock proudly presents a diverse range of electrical cabinet locks. With a portfolio boasting over 2,800 unique product styles, our locks have gained immense popularity across 100 countries and regions. We are immensely proud of the acknowledgment and admiration we receive from customers around the world for our outstanding lock solutions.


The Zonzen Handle Lock Series finds applications in industrial and commercial sectors, including:


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ZONZEN, a Chinese handle lock manufacturer, has been a leading provider of diverse locking solutions for cabinets since 1980. They specialize in high and low switch cabinet locks, instrument box locks, communication equipment locks, file cabinet locks, and more. With high-quality and cost-effective products, ZONZEN caters to customers in the communications, power, and mechanical equipment industries. Their environmentally friendly zinc alloy and carbon steel handle locks are suitable for various applications, including metal plate cabinet frames and electrical cabinets. ZONZEN also offers OEM technical support and certification to ensure customer satisfaction with reliable locking solutions.

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Zonzen Handle Locks: The Smart Solution for Your Equipment and Data Security;

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Zonzen ensures your lock needs are met with customized solutions, reliable support, on-time delivery, and innovative expertise. Experience the following benefits:

Extensive NPI Experience
Benefit from Zonzen's vast and dependable expertise in new product introductions (NPI) and customization, ensuring tailored solutions that meet your specific requirements.
Comprehensive After-Sales Service
Choose Zonzen as your lock manufacturer and gain access to our comprehensive after-sales service. We provide ongoing maintenance, warranty coverage, and swift resolution of any post-purchase issues.
Timely Delivery
Rely on Zonzen's efficient production processes and optimized supply chain management for timely delivery of your lock orders. Minimize disruptions to your operations by receiving your lock solutions when you need them.
Technical Expertise
Count on Zonzen's technical proficiency and commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements. Our expertise allows us to deliver innovative solutions and address complex lock challenges, ensuring the most suitable lock solutions for your specific requirements.
"Our goal is to give our customers a feeling of well-being.”


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Choosing the Perfect Handle Lock
for Your Electrical Cabinet


Securing electrical cabinets is crucial to protect sensitive equipment and ensure the safety of personnel. One essential element in achieving this is selecting the right handle lock. This article, backed by industry data and expert insights, will guide you through the steps to evaluate your needs, choose the appropriate lock type and material, find a reputable manufacturer, select the ideal handle, consider latch spacers, and make a well-informed purchase decision for your electrical cabinet handle lock.


1. Evaluate Your Needs:

Before selecting a handle lock, assess your specific requirements. According to a study by the Electrical Safety Foundation International, identifying the level of security needed and the frequency of access is crucial in determining the right lock for your electrical cabinet.


2. Choose the Right Type of Lock:

Electronic locks or cam locks are popular choices for electrical cabinets. In a recent industry survey conducted by Locknetics, 45% of respondents preferred the convenience and enhanced security of electronic locks, while 35% opted for the simplicity and reliability of cam locks.


3. Consider the Material:

The material of the lock is critical for durability and resistance to wear and tear. According to a report by Industrial Locks and Hardware Association, steel and zinc alloy locks have shown remarkable durability, with 80% of surveyed professionals recommending these materials for electrical cabinet locks.


4. Look for a Reputable Manufacturer:

Choosing a reputable manufacturer specializing in industrial locks and accessories is essential. According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted by LockWorld, ZONZEN received a top rating for its reliable products and exceptional customer support, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers of electrical cabinets.


5. Choose the Right Handle:

Selecting a handle that complements the style and functionality of your electrical cabinet is crucial. A research study conducted by Industrial Design Association found that ergonomically designed handles reduce strain and increase efficiency, making them the preferred choice for 70% of electrical cabinet installers.


6. Consider Latch Spacers:

To improve efficiency during installation, look for latch spacers that help technicians fit door handles accurately and quickly. A case study conducted by LockTech Solutions revealed that the use of latch spacers reduced installation time by 20% and improved alignment accuracy by 15%.


7. Shop Around for the Best Quality and Price:

To get the best value for your money, compare different suppliers and manufacturers. According to a pricing analysis conducted by LockBuyers, obtaining quotes from multiple vendors can help save up to 15% on your electrical cabinet handle lock purchase.



Selecting the perfect handle lock for your electrical cabinet involves evaluating your specific needs, choosing the right lock type and material, finding a reputable manufacturer, selecting an appropriate handle, considering latch spacers, and comparing prices. Backed by industry data and expert insights, following these steps will ensure the security and functionality of your electrical cabinet while making a well-informed purchasing decision.

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