Provide professional accessory solutions for customers in the communications, power and mechanical equipment industries.

ZONZEN is specialized in the production of high and low voltage switch cabinet locks, fingerprint locks, electronic cabinet locks, Bluetooth fingerprint padlocks, smart U-locks, meter box locks, communication equipment locks, file cabinet locks, hinges and handles, and other electrical cabinet accessories.

Electronic Lock

Smart cabinet locks are electronic locks that have the characteristics of low power consumption and high reliability, the function can be installed according to

Rod Lock Series

It is used to lock the cover in the metal plate cabinet frame or similar door frame or box frame, including the one that parallels to the edge of the door.

Handle lock Series

Handle locks are widely used. In public places, many communication equipment cabinet doors and data center cabinet doors are equipped with handle locks.

Plane lock Series

It is mainly applied in the communication cabinet, distribution box, high and low voltage switch cabinet. Usually, plane lock has a paddle, lift the paddle up and turn it,

Cylinder lock series

The material of cylinder lock is zinc alloy or sometimes stainless steel. Tool key is always used to unlock cylinder lock. It is suitable for small-sized cabinets.

Cam Lock series

Cam lock can be applied for industrial use and also household use. It can be applied in the distribution box, switch cabinet and all kinds of drawers, lockers and file

Hinge series

The main materials of hinge are stainless steel, zinc alloy, carbon steel, pins, etc. This product is mainly used for the connection of industrial cabinet doors. It belongs to

Handle series

The handles are mainly cabinet door handles, which are industrial lock accessories and are one of the indispensable accessories. The main


They are mainly door buckles, door stops, communication cabinet buckles, van buckles, trash can lock of motor vehicles, toilet drawer locks, etc.

Quality Is The Source Of Benefit

Implementing precise quality standards and testing processes, we provide reliable products.
Testings throughout Production
Salt Spray Test

Cyclic chemical exposure test to ensure eligible corrosion resistance of materials and coatings.

Endurance Test

Test with an extended load under sustained use to make sure service life of up to 100,000 runs.

Fire Test

Fireproof testing to guarantee significant flame retardant properties in fire circumstances.

Destructive Test

Tests carried out to the sample's failure, to check the metal performance under different loads.

Gravity Test

Tests by dropping to assess if materials and finish can reach different requirements for durability.

Need extra inspections and test reports?

You are most welcome to come to visit our factory to ensure compliance. Or 3rd party on-site factory audits are also fully supported.

Each of our door handles, hinges, and locks are well in line with all nternational quality standards.Therefore, we are wide open to provide samples for your additional inspections and test reports issuing, as long as you need any.

Customer Service

Our Customer service is unsurpassed. We have well trained customer service representatives that are ready to help you with your next project be it large or small.

Our R&D team keeps developing new items for customers all over the world to ensure that we keep the flow of new hot selling point. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance.

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