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The Zonzen MS883 Rod Control Lock is an exceptional locking mechanism designed to secure industrial cabinet doors. Fabricated using robust materials, including reinforced nylon, carbon steel, and zinc alloy, it offers reliable protection against unauthorized access to cabinets with both swing and sliding doors. In addition to the MS883 model, which has undergone intensive surface treatments like spray and salt spray tests for a continuous 24 hours, Zonzen also offers other durable rod control locks, such as the MS832 and MS829.


A Simple, Convenient and Flexible Locking System for Metal Plate Cabinet Frames and Doors.

Three Kinds of Styles Password-lock


Three Kinds of Styles Password-lock

China Manufacturer Rod Control Lock


Rod Control Lock Series

China Manufacturer Zinc Alloy Rod Control Lock


Rod Control Lock Series

Rod Control Lock Series


Zinc Alloy Rod Control Lock


Transmission and connecting rod lock

Connecting Rod Lock for Industrial Cabinet Door


Connecting Rod Lock for Industrial Cabinet Door


Our Partnership

We have fostered enduring relationships with top-tier industry suppliers. Among our partners are renowned names such as China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC), State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC),ZTE GroupHisense, and WANKONG Controls..

Efficiency and Quality

ZONZEN™ is a distinguished top-tier industrial lock manufacturer from china that leverages state-of-the-art technology, including advanced automated die-casting workshops, CNC lathes, and sophisticated testing facilities, including Salt Spray, Endurance, Fire, Destructive, and Gravity tests.


We are striving to shape a sustainable future. By showcasing remarkable leadership qualities in critical fields and promoting sustainable solutions in the manufacturing of industrial locks, we actively take steps towards a more eco-friendly industrial market.

We Know Your Needs

Currently, the company boasts a portfolio of over 2,800 unique product styles, which have gained popularity among customers globally across 100 countries and regions. Our products are highly praised by customers worldwide and have achieved widespread recognition in the industry.


The ZONZEN MS883 Rod Control Lock is a locking mechanism designed for industrial cabinet doors. The main features and applications of the ZONZEN MS883 Rod Control Lock are:


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How Industrial Locks are Manufactured

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ZONZEN is a distinguished manufacturer that specializes in producing locks and electrical cabinet accessories. With an history that dates back to the early 1980s, the company has firmly cemented its position as a prominent name in the industry. Its diverse range of products boasts an array of high-quality locks, including those for high and low-voltage switch cabinets, smart electronic enclosures, Bluetooth-enabled fingerprint padlocks, intelligent U-locks, meter box locks, and file cabinet locks. Along with locks, ZONZEN also presents an extensive selection of hinges, handles, and other electrical cabinet accessories that cater to a variety of applications.

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The Complete Guide to ROD CONTROL locks


Here is a guide to ZONZEN ROD CONTROL locks:

ZONZEN cabinet locks are electronic locks that can be used to safeguard server cabinets, employee lockers, and various supply and storage cabinets.

ZONZEN Plastic Locking System Flush Rod Control Swing Handle Enclosure Door Lock Connecting Rod Lock Ms840 is a plastic locking system with a flush rod control swing handle that can be used for connecting rod locks.


Hansen International 3 Point Door Lock Rods can be used with Zinc Finish Rod Guides for door lock rod guides.


Lowe & Fletcher USA offers a Rod Guide (W109) that can be used with Rods PR36 or PR38 to form part of a rod control system that can in turn be used as part of a complete locking system.


Austin Hardware provides a Rod Guide for 3/8 in. Diameter Rod with Rubber Grommet, Zinc Plated, 4 Mounting Holes, Overall Length 2 1/4 in..


ZONZEN ROD CONTROL locks are a type of electronic lock that can be used to secure cabinets and enclosures. They can be used in conjunction with rod guides, such as those offered by Hansen International, Lowe & Fletcher USA, and Austin Hardware, to form a complete locking system. ZONZEN also offers a plastic locking system with a flush rod control swing handle that can be used for connecting rod locks.


Type of industrial Rod control locks


Industrial rod control locks come in various types, each designed for specific applications and security requirements. Here are some common types of rod control locks used in industrial settings:


1. Manual Rod Control Locks:
– Lever-operated rod control locks: These locks use a lever mechanism to secure and release the locking rod.
– Thumb-turn rod control locks: These locks feature a thumb-operated turn knob for easy locking and unlocking.


2. Electronic Rod Control Locks:
– Keypad-based rod control locks: These locks use a numeric keypad for entering a PIN code to unlock the rod control system.
– RFID-based rod control locks: These locks utilize radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for secure access control.
– Biometric rod control locks: These locks incorporate fingerprint, iris, or facial recognition technology for enhanced security.


3. Combination Rod Control Locks:
– Dial-based combination rod control locks: These locks use a rotating dial mechanism to input a combination of numbers for unlocking.
– Push-button combination rod control locks: These locks have a series of buttons that need to be pressed in a specific order to unlock.


4. Specialty Rod Control Locks:
– High-security rod control locks: These locks feature advanced mechanisms and materials to provide maximum resistance against tampering and picking.
– Explosion-proof rod control locks: Specifically designed for hazardous environments, these locks are constructed to prevent sparks that could ignite explosive materials.

It’s important to assess your specific security needs and consult with professionals to determine the most suitable type of rod control lock for your industrial applications.

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