Everything You Need to Know About Cylinder Lock Series

17th May 2023

Selecting the ideal type of cylinder lock for your home or business is essential in protecting the security of your property. There are various options to choose from, such as profile cylinders, mortise locks, rim cylinders, and deadbolts. Whatever you select, though – be it profile or mortise cylinders, mortise or rim cylinder – there’s sure to be a cylinder that meets all your needs!

What is the Cylinder Lock Series?

Cylinder locks are an essential element of any door installation. Our locks boast quality and dependability, built upon proven mechanical design with a wide variety of profiles, functions, and master keying capability to meet all building requirements.

A cylinder is a small component that fits inside of a lock and accepts the key to lock or unlock it. It does this by taking in rotational movement from the key and transferring it onto the mechanism within the lock.

Cylinders come in an extensive selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes that can be used for commercial, residential, and retail doors.

Types of Cylinder Lock Series

Cylinder lock series differ in several important ways. Knowing these features helps you select the correct lock for your application.

Euro profile cylinders are a commonly used lock profile among locksmiths and architectural ironmongers due to their ease of installation, modification with additional security measures, or replacement.

  • Key-in-Lever (KIL)

A cylinder is the cornerstone of many locksets, such as keyed knobs, lever, and padlock applications. Though often overlooked in the process, cylinders play an integral role in many types of locksets – from commercial to residential.

Key-in-lever cylinders, or KIL cylinders as it’s commonly known, are an innovative solution to retrofit knob and lever-type cylindrical locks. These cylinders come with multiple tailpieces to accommodate various applications.

  • Key-in-Knob (KIK)

KIK series key-in knob cylinders are used in a wide variety of commercial-style locks, such as door knobs, levers, and deadbolts. These cylinders boast a Y1 5-pin keyway that fits most commercial door knobs and lever locks, as well as some padlocks.

These cylinders are UL437 listed for drill and pick resistance, providing utility patented key control. Furthermore, the sidebar prevents the key from rotating until it has been elevated, rotated, and aligned in its correct position – providing protection against bumping and picking attacks.

  • Mortise

Mortise locks are a type of lock set used in commercial security applications that need heavy-duty, long-lasting security. They’re commonly found in schools, hospitals, and industrial facilities where door security is paramount.

Mortise cylinder locks feature a lock body installed inside the thickness of a door, consisting of two components: a sprung latch at the top and a locking bolt at the bottom.

  • Conventional

Conventional cylinders are the most prevalent lock cylinder type and can be found in many Schlage products. These cylinders offer great value with their manufacturer-specific features.

These light commercial cylinders are ideal for areas with few users and no frequent cylinder changes. Not only are they cost-effective and durable, but they can be the go-to option in various commercial security applications as well.

Applications of Cylinder Lock Series

Industrial cylinder locks come in wide varieties, from keyed different units for single-door applications to multi-cylinder systems with the same key opening all locks on a system. When selecting which cylinder lock is suitable for an application, factors like power requirements, space availability, operating pressure, and environment must all be taken into consideration; automatic or manual locking is preferred if possible.

Cylinder systems provide essential protection for building occupants, especially during the loading and unloading of trucks or other vehicles.

Cylinder locks feature a pin tumbler design, in which pins are arranged in pairs along the length of the lock. When an appropriate key is inserted and turned, these pins will be pushed to different heights.

Depending on the model, cylinder locks have various pin numbers. These can be adjusted so users have access to an extensive array of settings when creating their lock.

Cylinder locks can be installed into either the exterior surface of a door or they can be concealed within its mortise. Both options offer strong security and can be utilized for entrance doors, gates, and padlocks alike. Furthermore, cylinder locks come in various shapes and sizes to meet specific application needs.

Working Principles of Cylinder Lock Series

The cylinder lock, or lever lock as we know it today, dates back to ancient Egypt. It works by trapping the bolt inside itself (as ChristofferPolhem did with his Scandinavian padlock). To open, you need to raise each pin to exactly the right height in order to pull it out of its slot and slide in the bolt itself.

In the 1800s, Linus Yale Senior refined Egyptian design by adding two pin pairs in each chamber. To help prevent pins from rising too high without a key being inserted, he added springs above each pair for added security.

A shear line is a point where the plug and cylinder meet, and if pins are properly aligned when the correct key is inserted, they will straddle this shear line to open the lock.

Advantages and Importance of Cylinder Lock Series

Cylinder locks are a popular lock choice for residential and commercial applications due to their ease of installation, wide variety of finishes and styles, backset dimensions, thickness, and strike options. Cylinder locks come with various strike options too!

These gates are pick-proof, drill-proof, and strike-proof. Furthermore, they boast exceptional durability – capable of withstanding bolt cutters and saws.

  • High Security

The Cylinder Lock Series provides superior levels of security through patented designs. These include resistance to picking, bumping, drilling, and unauthorized key duplication.

These cylinders are further secured by false slots on each pin, mushroom-shaped top pins, and a reciprocal slider mechanism, creating an inconvenient lock that’s difficult to pick.

  • Durability

Cylinder locks are a reliable choice for commercial applications due to their durability. Made with materials designed for repeated use, cylinder locks come in all industry-standard finishes and decorative levers.

  • Easy to Operate

The Cylinder Lock Series provides a host of conveniences and ease of operation. They come in multiple styles with customizable finishes to meet your requirements.

  • Easy to Replace

The Cylinder Lock Series is an essential security option that can be installed into a new door knob or entry door set to add an extra layer of protection. Furthermore, these cylinder locks are easy to replace, making it easier for you to keep your home and doors secure.

  • User Friendly

These locks are incredibly user-friendly, making them ideal for homeowners without much experience working on or replacing their own locks. A professional locksmith can replace them, and in some cases, you don’t even need to take out the entire lock cylinder; just needing replacement of one portion is enough to do the trick!

The ZONZEN Cylinder Lock Series provides superior security and functionality to ensure you find the ideal product for your project. Our locks come in a range of profiles, functions, and master keying capacities, so they are suitable for use in various buildings, applications, and environments.

Zonzen: Custom Cylinder Locks for Tailored Security Solutions

When it comes to choosing the right cylinder lock for your specific needs, customization is key. This is where custom locker manufacturers like Zonzen excel. At Zonzen, we understand that every security requirement is unique, and that’s why we offer the option of customizing cylinder locks to meet your precise specifications.

Our team of expert engineers and locksmiths can work closely with you to design and produce cylinder locks that perfectly align with your security needs. Whether you need specialized finishes, unique backset dimensions, or additional security features, we have the expertise to craft the ideal solution for your project.

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