Securing New Energy Installations With Cam Locks

22nd Mar 2023

Cam Locks are an integral component of every New Energy Installation, ensuring power is transferred safely and securely.

These tools come in a range of materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Stainless Steel is the go-to material for applications requiring corrosion resistance. Not only is it strong and chemical resistant, but it’s also capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

1. Use a Cam Lock with a Bolt

A cam lock is essential in the world of energy installation security. From solar arrays and wind turbines to storage containers and everything in between, you need to ensure your installation or upgrade remains safe and sound. A multi-layered approach, such as using a cam lock with an integrated bolt, is one such example; this welded steel unit can secure up to 9/16 inch bolts and be used for various tasks like mounting winches, racks, or mounted tools. A high-quality unit should withstand years of abuse in heavy-duty vehicles while still looking untouched.

The great news is that you can pick up a cam lock at your local hardware store and save yourself the trip to the office. While it may be more expensive, the benefits outweigh any downside. Be sure to do your research before purchasing one, and you should end up with an energized homeowner!

2. Use a Cam Lock with a Key

Cam Locks with keys are an efficient way to secure new energy installations. These locks come in various sizes and can be opened using various keys. Furthermore, these locks are resistant to tampering and easy to install.

Twisting a lever behind a door frame or panel activates its rotating lever, moving between open and closed positions. Once closed, this same lever prevents the lock from opening – securely shutting the door and safeguarding valuable equipment inside.

These locks are commonly employed in vending machines and asset management systems. Furthermore, they’re frequently found on lockers, safety boxes, cabinets, and drawers.

Before installing a cam lock, measure the size of your cabinet door or drawers. This will guarantee that you get an exact fit when purchasing the right size cam lock for your cabinet.

Once you select the ideal size, match your cam lock to other hardware on the cabinet and choose a brand and material that complements it. Finally, screw in place the cam lock for installation.

Once your cabinet is locked, you can test the lock to make sure it functions properly. Insert a key into the cam lock and turn it to check or test without using a key.

3. Use a Cam Lock with a Keypad

If you need a reliable way to lock and unlock cabinets and enclosures, consider using a Cam Lock with Keypad. These locks use a tongue bar that moves when the key is turned, providing high levels of security for your lockers. These locks are easy to operate and provide reliable protection.

Cylinder locks offer another convenient option, enabling you to open and close the door with a key. Inserting the right key causes pins in pairs on opposite ends of the cylinder lock to lift and push upward, lifting it from its resting place at the bottom.

The size of the cam you select will affect how much force is necessary to operate the lock. A large cam requires more torque than a smaller one, and you should take into account the external environment where your application will be situated; for instance, indoor locks should be made out of materials that won’t damage surrounding surfaces.

The keypad on a cam lock allows users to enter a 4-digit code to unlock or lock it, providing access to various applications. Management staff can use either an exclusive Programming Key for their system or registered Manager Keys; public mode requires users to enter their own 4-12 digital PIN codes, which will be erased when they leave the facility.

4. Use a Cam Lock with a Keyhole

If you need to secure a new energy installation without using a key, consider using a Cam Lock with Keyhole. This type of lock is straightforward, inexpensive, and straightforward to install; plus, it comes in various finishes and styles to suit any need.

Cam locks are small locks that utilize a metal piece within the lock to prevent an enclosure from opening. This piece, known as the tongue bar, can be rotated to lock or unlock cabinets or enclosures. There are various types of cam locks; some require keys, while others don’t.

The most common cam lock is a cylinder lock with a keyhole shutter that works like a pin-and-tumbler design. When the correct key is inserted and turned, its pins push upward to align with the cam, locking or unlocking the cabinet securely.

One popular type of cam lock is a tubular lock, which features pins that run horizontally along its cylinder. These cam locks can be used on cabinets and drawers that need the extra security as well as school lockers for added convenience.

5. Use a Cam Lock with a Clip

A Cam Lock with a Clip is an efficient and straightforward way to secure new energy installations. The clip clicks into place over the handles of cam locks, keeping their arms from opening in case of an accident.

These clips can be used with both standard and bespoke cam locks, making them a great alternative to locking handles as they’re easier to install and remove. Furthermore, these prevent accidental disconnection of the cam lock arm, which could lead to spills or accidents.

Different clips are available for use on the front of enclosures, but all share one thing in common: a tongue bar that locks the enclosure when turned either horizontally or sideways. You also have the option of selecting a lock that requires the use of a key; this way, you can open it without using one.

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