Top 7 Industrial Lock Manufacturers

13th Oct 2023

Industrial cabinet locks are essential for safeguarding equipment, tools, and sensitive documents in manufacturing and production facilities. Quality and reliability are paramount when selecting these locks. In this article, we’ll introduce seven top manufacturers and suppliers in the industrial cabinet lock field, including electronic locks manufacturing experts, to help you make an informed choice.


Medeco is one of the leading companies in the industrial cabinet lock industry. They offer a range of highly secure mechanical and electronic locks, including smart cabinet locks and electronic drawer locks, suitable for various industrial applications. Medeco’s locks resist tampering and provide durability, widely used for safeguarding critical assets and information.

Master Lock

Master Lock, known for its expertise in electronic cabinet locks, is a trusted industrial cabinet lock manufacturer. They provide various types of locks, from traditional mechanical locks to smart electronic locks. Their products are of exceptional quality and are suitable for cabinets, drawers, and doors in factories, warehouses, and offices.


Abloy, an expert in electronic lock manufacturing, is renowned for high-security lock systems, offering electronic cabinet locks and various types of file cabinet locks. Their locks use advanced technology to resist intrusion attempts, providing enterprises with a high level of protection.

Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy, a leading electronic lock manufacturer, is a global leader in security solutions. They offer electronic cabinet locks, including smart cabinet locks, with innovative features such as remote access and monitoring capabilities, ideal for modern industrial environments.


Schlage, a well-established electronic lock manufacturer, is known for its high-quality locks. They provide a variety of styles and specifications for industrial cabinet locks, ensuring the safety of a company’s assets and equipment.


Yale, a respected electronic lock manufacturer, offers a variety of choices for industrial cabinet locks. Their products are well-designed, with reliable performance and user-friendly features, including electronic drawer locks.

Zonzen Lock

Zonzen Lock, a trusted electronic lock manufacturer, is a prominent name in the industrial cabinet lock industry. They offer a comprehensive range of industrial cabinet lock products, including electronic cabinet locks and a broad spectrum of locking mechanisms. Their service advantages, including customization and a wide product range, make them a valuable partner in ensuring the security of your assets.

In conclusion, these seven electronic lock manufacturers are experts in the field, providing a wide range of industrial cabinet locks to meet your specific needs. When choosing electronic or mechanical industrial cabinet locks, their commitment to product quality ensures the security of your assets.

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